Know Your Rights-Ask a Landlord-Tenant Attorney in Westfield, MA

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Landlord-tenant law can be confusing for both parties. A simple misunderstanding could lead to significant consequences. One of the best ways to understand your rights and responsibilities is to speak with a landlord-tenant attorney in the Westfield, MA area. Look no further than J. S. Smith & Associates.

Landlords, get the court intervention you need

Massachusetts law prohibits property owners from evicting tenants on their own. If your tenant has stopped paying rent or is a nuisance to your neighbors, call J. S. Smith & Associates at 413-650-5010 right away. We'll follow proper procedures to help you regain possession of your property.

Tenants, we'll be your advocate

Too often, landlords take advantage of their tenants simply because their tenants aren't aware of their rights. When you choose J. S. Smith & Associates as your landlord-tenant law firm, you'll receive the guidance you need. We'll level the playing field by...

  • Negotiating with your landlord on your behalf
  • Discussing your grievances during your consultation
  • Presenting evidence supporting your claim before the judge

Get started today by scheduling an appointment with a landlord-tenant attorney at J. S. Smith & Associates. Our law office is conveniently located in Westfield, Massachusetts.