It's Never Too Early to Plan for the Future

Get started by consulting an estate planning attorney in Westfield, MA

Most people don't enjoy planning for the day they pass away, but meticulous estate planning is vital if you want to spare your family additional heartache. J. S. Smith & Associates will provide sound legal guidance as you plan for the future. We've done the same for countless clients throughout the Westfield, MA area.

Our estate planning attorney can help you by...

  • Drafting documents specifying what should happen to your estate when you pass away
  • Naming estate administrators to carry out your final wishes
  • Establishing powers of attorney to allow your loved ones to make decisions on your behalf
  • Setting up a will or trust to protect assets that will pass to your beneficiaries

We'll save you the trouble of trying to handle these estate planning matters on your own. Call 413-650-5010 today to schedule a consultation.

Did your loved one die without leaving a will?

In addition to estate planning, J. S. Smith & Associates also takes on probate law cases in Westfield, Massachusetts. Rest assured that our estate planning attorney will guide you through the probate law process and provide the personalized attention your family needs. Contact us today for peace of mind.