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Between agreeing on the property purchase price and finalizing the paperwork, you must complete all kinds of legal tasks in order to buy or sell a property. A lot can go wrong when coordinating inspections, title searches and negotiating closing costs. But when you turn to a local real estate law firm, you can avoid losing money and the property.

J. S. Smith & Associates represents buyers and sellers just like you in the Westfield, MA area. With attorney Jeffrey S. Smith on your side as your residential or commercial real estate attorney, you'll have the knowledge needed to make the best real estate investment decisions.

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Why should you hire a residential or commercial real estate attorney?

J. S. Smith & Associates will protect your best interests and facilitate a smooth closing by...

  • Settling boundary disputes quickly
  • Conducting a due diligence investigation
  • Providing guidance about land usage laws and construction contracts

Not only is attorney Smith familiar with the nuances of real estate law, but he's also a CATIC insurance policy-issuing attorney in Westfield, Massachusetts. Rest assured that he has the answers to your pressing real estate law questions.

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